Paperless solutions & processing

Unilever is working hard to bring multiple - paperless solutions to your business.

Settlements, consignment, and Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS) are other paperless payment processes supported by Unilever which often eliminates the process for receiving invoices and streamlines the payment process.

ERS is the process in which payments are generated from the Goods Receipts entered into our system by the plant, meaning, payment is based only on what Unilever receives. The payments are generated by a settlement run by Unilever thus there is no need for suppliers to send any kind of invoice. Instead, suppliers will receive weekly or monthly settlement information with details on further payments.

Consignment is the process in which Unilever pays for goods based on consumption during the month, rather than based on goods received. The payments are processed by a settlement that is run at the end of the month. Consignment is often linked with an ERS process (especially in North American region), eliminating the need for paper invoicing. Currently, electronic invoices are not widely used across the globe, however, Unilever is working hard to open up multiple channels in order to do business with our suppliers in a more efficient and paperless manner.

Your Unilever Procurement Manager should be your contact for further information.

Efficient Processing of your Payment

In order to facilitate the automation of this process, it will be necessary to quote the Purchase Order number (PO or SA Scheduling Agreement number). This field is considered mandatory for all invoices and the Unilever Material Planner or Procurement Manager will provide this number to you prior to delivery of goods or services.

Unilever makes payments against valid original invoices. Adherence to Unilever invoice requirements will ensure that invoices are paid in accordance to the negotiated contract terms. For improved customer service and to maintain efficient processing and payment of your invoices, it is essential that suppliers refer to the mandatory legal and company requirements added to each invoice or credit note. Unilever may withhold payment if the seller's invoice is inaccurate, or does not meet Unilever’s invoice requirements, or tax and legal requirements.