Partner to Win

In February 2011 Unilever launched 'Partner to Win' - an award winning strategic programme focussed on building relationships with selected key supplier partners in order to achieve mutual growth.

"Unilever has a bold ambition to double the size of its business while reducing our environmental footprint and increasing our positive social impact. Strong partnerships with suppliers that share Unilever's sustainable growth ambitions are critical to continuing success. The goal of Partner to Win is to become the customer of choice for them." Pier Luigi Sigismondi, Chief Supply Chain Officer Unilever.

Joint Business Development Plans (JBDP) are a key element of the Partner to Win programme. Each JBDP set out Unilever's strategic business plans provides a clear framework of how the two organisations will work together to deliver over the long term. The plans cover all areas of procurement including packaging, chemicals, commodities and services.