Unilever Supplier Qualification System

Learn about the USQS and making it easier to do business with Unilever.

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As a multi-national company, our Procurement team is purchasing from tens of thousands of suppliers worldwide. We have made the strategic decision to introduce a global Supplier Qualification System (USQS) to manage the complexity of our supplier information. Our procurement organization first selects our suppliers, then those selected are invited to register in USQS and this system is how we qualify those suppliers to do business with Unilever.

One of the main drivers for the Unilever Supplier Qualification System is to make the process of doing business with globally less complicated. The use of the USQS will enable us to standardize and streamline the way we engage with suppliers no matter where they are located. It is a single system that allows all suppliers to demonstrate to Unilever their capabilities.

Being invited to join the system enables selected suppliers to qualify to work with Unilever and gives visibility throughout Unilever’s global business.

Why Unilever is introducing USQS?

Unilever’s Supplier Qualification System will provide a holistic view of our entire global supply base and give Unilever accurate information benefiting both Unilever and our suppliers. USQS will help the Global Unilever Procurement Team to:

  • Identify approved suppliers for the products and services they want to buy 

  • Better understand the potential risks of buying products or services in all geographies 

  • Encourage improvements in supplier standards

The system will streamline the supplier qualification process, enhance our risk management and position us to comply with future changes to regulations and legislation on a global basis.

What does USQS mean to Suppliers

We require all suppliers we do business with to register in USQS, but registration is by invitation only. Once selected to do business with Unilever, registering in the system will enable you to become qualified to work with Unilever, or if you are a current supplier to continue to do business with us.

Additionally for suppliers invited to register in the system, there is the potential for more visibility within Unilever business units with which you are not currently doing business, as Global procurement will be able to view your company’s profile.

You will only need to enter data once and then review it annually or whenever there are changes to ensure it is complete and up to date. You will no longer need to provide standard qualification data to different Unilever business units multiple times.