About SQA and RSP

Unilever requires that all the manufacturing sites of its suppliers operate to a Quality Management System appropriate for the supply of materials used in the manufacture of consumer goods.

Supplier Quality Approval (SQA)

Unilever recognizes a range of external standards that are relevant to the industrial base of its suppliers, and promotes the use of external certifications wherever possible. 

If suppliers do not hold an external certification, then Unilever may, where required, request that the supplier undertake an SQA audit using a qualified, third -party auditor.

Responsible Sourcing Program (RSP)

Unilever’s Responsible Souring Program is designed to ensure that suppliers to its business have the capability to meet the requirements of Unilever’s Supplier Code.

Unilever ’s Supplier Code requires compliance with a set of standards aligned with national laws and internationally accepted norms in the four key areas of:

  • Labour standards 

  • Health and safety 

  • Environmental compliance 

  • Business integrity

In line with many of our industry peers, Unilever is a member of the SEDEX organization, which enables suppliers from many sectors to complete their site assessments or audits and share them with other customers using the system thereby reducing duplication of effort. 

If Unilever requires a supplier to have a Responsible Sourcing Audit, we will either request the use of the Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA) Four Pillar Audit or we may accept an audit report from a previous audit to another standard used by our industry peers, if we recognise the scope to be equivalent. 

Unilever may therefore request that you also join Sedex and benefit from the efficiencies of being able to share your assessment data with other customers.