How to register

USQS provides a secure environment, available 24/7 to register and update your company information.

The registration process is split into two stages. All suppliers need to complete Stage 1 registration. The number of subsequent steps you need to take is determined by the assessment of criteria that are important to Unilever.

USQS is currently only available in English. To become a registered supplier you need to do the following:

Stage 1 - Registration & Risk Assessment

All suppliers of Unilever will need to complete the initial online questionnaire.

USQS will ask basic information on your company (for example: information on the headquarters location, parent company, legal holding company (if applicable), factory locations and materials or services supplied to Unilever). In USQS you will all be required to acknowledge Unilever’s Supplier Code and provide information on your company’s policies that align with our Code.

USQS will assign risk scores for both Quality and Responsible Sourcing Programs based on your company profile.  These risk scores will determine your next steps in the process.

There is no charge for Stage 1 registration and  it will take roughly 30 minutes to complete.

USQS-how to register-stage-1

Stage 2 - Risk Management via detailed assessments (facilities associated with Parent Company)

If your company profile is rated as 'Low' risk, you will need to complete further online assessments.

The risk-assessment following Stage 1 registration will determine whether your company needs to complete Stage 2- Risk Management.  A supplier’s progression to Stage 2 depends upon the type of supplier (eg. Manufacturer, Farmer, Logistics Provider etc) as well as the two risk scores for quality management and responsibility sourcing.  If your company is identified as requiring any of a quality management and/or responsible sourcing assessment/ audit, progression to Stage 2 is required.

This involves the payment of an annual subscription fee  of £495 and will necessitate the  submission of information and certificates related to  quality management and responsible sourcing.   Depending upon each facility’s risk rating and certificates/ previous audits available, you may be required to undertake further assessments specific to quality management and/or responsible sourcing.

USQS-how to register-stage-2

Stage 3 – Suppliers requiring audits

If your company profile is rated as ‘High’ or ‘Medium’ risks, and you have valid certificates/ previous audits acceptable by Unilever,  then your company need not proceed with further audits requests.

If your company do not have valid certificates/ audit reports, then a third party audit is required. You will need to hire an audit agency to perform them.

Scheduling the audits

In case your company needs an audit, Achilles will provide you the guidance and next steps to help you with the audit booking process. You will be responsible however for choosing your audit provider and paying for the audit fees.

The information provided will ensure Unilever Procurement professionals have full visibility of your capabilities in meeting its global standards for Supplier Quality Approval (SQA) and Responsible Sourcing Programme (RSP). USQS provides a single portal to integrate the key information Unilever requires for SQA and RSP.