Comfort fabric conditioner helps your laundry feel and smell fantastic – and it’s kind to skin too.

Comfort fabric conditioner delivers long-lasting freshness and everyday softness to keep your laundry beautifully conditioned. We believe caring for your clothes is a great way to demonstrate tender loving care for yourself and your family.

Comfort Creations ‘Strawberry and Lily’ is our most successful Super Sensorial fragrance, infusing your clothes with gorgeous smells that will uplift your day.

Comfort offers an array of fabulous fragrances from discrete scents, like Comfort Pure and its gentle hypoallergenic formula, to intoxicating aromas developed with the world’s leading perfume houses to ensure your laundry smells as good as it feels.

Better still, Comfort’s unique formula means your clothes release great fragrance when you move – keeping that fresh feeling locked into the fabric for longer.

Gentle care for your family

Families in 28 countries around the world rely on Comfort (or Molto or Soft as it’s known in some countries), to get their laundry feeling fantastic.

Comfort was the first fabric conditioner to launch in the UK back in 1969, and since then our research and development teams have kept innovating to provide even better products.

Comfort infuses clothes with freshness and softness even at low temperatures, and our ‘1 Rinse’ products save water by reducing the number of rinses needed in a hand wash.

And our Comfort Concentrate bottles might look smaller that you’re used to, but that’s just because the fabric conditioner inside is ultra-concentrated. It means you need to use less liquid for the same amazing results – saving on packaging and helping the environment at the same time.

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  • Do you know which #ComfortCreations scent this flower is from?

    08 Jan

  • If you've got lots of post-Christmas washing to do why not add a dose of our Comfort cosy scents to your wash?

    29 Dec

  • Merry Christmas! We wish you good tidings of Comfort and joy!

    25 Dec

  • Comfort Pure fabric conditioner is recognised by the British Skin Foundation as a hypoallergenic softener gentle enough for even babies’ delicate skin.

  • We work with expert ‘noses’ from the world’s leading perfume houses to ensure your laundry smells as good as it feels.

  • Using fabric conditioner doesn’t just make your clothes smell gorgeous, it can help make ironing easier and speed up the time it takes laundry to dry on the line.

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