Families rely on Fissan’s gentle, moisturising lotions and wipes, developed specifically for babies’ delicate skin.

Fissan has been protecting and caring for babies' skin and hair for generations, and we know there is nothing as precious as your baby's health.

Today Fissan offers shampoos, bath products, moisturisers, suncreams, nasal sprays and cleansers that protect against the elements and provide mild, gentle care for newborns, babies and children.

Parents have trusted Fissan for decades, because of our commitment to safe, dermatologically-tested treatments, which build on the natural defences of children's skin.

Every parent knows how easily babies' sensitive skin can become irritated. Nappy rash, dryness, and the effects of the weather all take their toll.

Fissan began with the famous 'Pasta di Fissan'. The original formula was developed in Italy in 1924 to deal with irritation in the nappy area. It met with huge success and the Fissan range has since expanded to become a trusted ally to parents who wish to protect babies' and infants' skin and hair.

Approved by dermatologists

In addition to ensuring that our products are dermatologically-tested, we take part in wide-ranging research projects involving paediatricians, dermatologists and hospitals.

We continuously update and improve our unique formulations so they’re as mild, effective and safe as possible.

Our Protezione e Natura range (Natural Care) was launched in 2010. Mild but effective, this range uses a selection of natural ingredients with soothing properties, including almond oil, aloe vera, calendula and camomile.

And our Pasta di Fissan Multi-Action 5 in 1 cream combines active ingredients to keep babies' skin healthy underneath their nappies. Anti-enzyme and anti-bacterial ingredients combat irritation and micro-organisms while calendula and zinc oxide soothe and protect. Panthenol encourages skin regeneration, strengthening the skin's natural barriers. Clinical and dermatological tests have confirmed its efficacy.

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  • All Fissan products are hypoallergenic, pH balanced and alcohol free, to respect the delicate balance of baby-soft skin.

  • Fissan is developed with Independent skin care specialists to ensure every product is ultra gentle for sensitive skin.

  • Fissan has been used by families in Italy since the original Fissan paste made its debut in 1924.

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