Radox products are designed to help you make the most of your me-time – from invigorating shower gels to decadent, deliciously fragranced bubble baths.

Relax, refresh, and be a little selfish for once with the Radox shower and bath collection – made for those indulgent moments.

Running around after others takes it out of you. Radox is designed to help you savour those precious moments to yourself, with a range of shower, bath and cleansing products that make relaxing a joy.

At Radox, we have been helping people unwind for more than a century by creating therapeutic blends of natural ingredients. Now there are more Radox products than ever before – for the bath and the shower, of course, but also handwashes and scrubs.

Our bubble baths, bath salts, shower gels, spa treatments and even shower smoothies are all formulated to soothe the body and pamper the skin. We think people with busy lives deserve a little me-time therapy...

Let the stress soak away

Radox has been soothing tired limbs since 1908, when our original bath salts for aching feet began our long success in mixing minerals and herbs into relaxing blends.

More than 100 years later we’re still searching nature for the blends of soothing and rejuvenating ingredients we use. Chamomile, eucalyptus, green and white tea, jasmine, thyme, lotus flower and orange blossom, rosemary, calendula and rose are just some of the natural extracts that enrich our products and your experience – all chosen for their ability to relax and refresh.

Our Skin Smoothies are a luxurious blend of fruit essences and nutrients designed to pamper the skin. Try the Soul Soother – a blend of juicy blackcurrants, cranberry seeds, chamomile and natural herbs that creates a creamy lather with a heavenly fragrance.

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  • Invigorate your morning with our new lemon and rosemary Radox shower gel.

    03 Sep

  • Ahhh you just can’t beat a nice long bubble bath at the end of a hard day’s work.

    31 Jul

  • Spot the Radox! Can you find the bottle of Refresh Shower Gel in the image below?

    28 Jul

  • At Radox we believe it’s alright to be just a little selfish now and then. Just make sure you make the most of your me-time!

  • Radox recommends turning your home into a spa hotel for a real treat – complete with a DO NOT DISTURB sign on the bathroom door while you soak!

  • Take at least five minutes for me-time every day, whether you chill on the sofa, flick through a magazine or indulge in a scented shower with Radox.

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