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Signal and Close Up are developed by Unilever’s oral care experts, bringing families around the world a range of scientifically advanced toothpastes and toothbrushes to keep tooth decay at bay.

Signal and Close Up are two of the world’s best-selling toothpaste brands, developed to give you a fresh, healthy smile.

Some four billion people around the world use our products, and our research and development experts apply cutting-edge technology to ensure Signal and Close Up toothpastes keep teeth whiter, brighter and stronger – and your smile at its best.

One of our innovations, Signal White Now toothpaste, transfers optical-effect technology developed by Unilever’s laundry team to the field of oral care, using a blue pigment to make yellow teeth appear whiter. This instant-whitening toothpaste is just one example of how our scientists share knowledge across product categories.

In Europe, Signal combines the benefits of gel toothpaste with the anti-bacterial action of a mouthwash, using new centre-filled technology. While in Asia Close Up Fire Freeze combines a warming sensation that battles bad breath with long-lasting, cooling freshness. 

Signal also partnered Pininfarina, an automobile designer best known for its work with Maserati and Jaguar sports cars, to launch the Signal Style-Tech toothbrush. Style-Tech is the first toothbrush to feature a metal core, which allows it to have a longer, slender neck and reach further back into the mouth.

Improving oral care worldwide

By contrast, our simple Signal Essential toothbrush is the world’s first widely affordable branded toothbrush, designed to meet the needs of low-income consumers in developing countries.

With the FDI – the World Dental Federation – we support the Live. Learn. Laugh campaign, which reaches 38 countries across the globe and provides funding for oral health promotion projects.

Signal is also known as Pepsodent (Asia & Latin America), Mentadent (Italy), Zhong Hua (China), Aim (Greece), and P/S (Vietnam).

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  • Some four billion people around the world use Signal and Close Up toothpastes to keep their teeth whiter, brighter and stronger.

  • Brushing with fluoride toothpaste twice daily instead of just once can reduce the risk of tooth decay in children by 50% - so it’s important to brush morning and night.

  • Dentists recommend we brush our teeth for three minutes. Try listening to – or singing – your favourite pop song as you brush to get the timing right!

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