Timotei offers women gentle but effective haircare products formulated with natural ingredients and no silicones, parabens and colourants to bring out the beauty in your hair. We strongly believe that gentle can be powerful.

Day in, day out, your hair is subjected to pollutants and chemicals that can strip it of its natural shine and strength. Timotei is enriched with a wealth of natural ingredients designed to care for your hair and make it look and feel as beautiful as nature intended.

Beautiful hair, inspired by nature

Since the start of Timotei back in 1983, we have set ourselves a simple goal: selecting the best natural ingredients and combining them into an effective treatment for your hair.

We started out with just one shampoo, formulated with natural herb extracts renowned for their nourishing properties. The shampoo was so mild that it could be used every single day without damaging the hair. And it provided women with beautiful results.

Over the last three decades, Timotei has brought in new ranges, ingredients and formats, but one thing remains: we still believe that natural products are the best way to look after your hair.

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  • Our experts draw on locally revered natural extracts to come up with Timotei’s unique formulas, using the best ingredients from around the world.

  • Timotei’s new bottle is 100% recyclable, is made with 25% recycled plastic and uses 10% less plastic compared to the old 300ml bottle.

  • Want to bring out the beauty in blonde locks? Chamomile extract is known to enhance fair hair gently and naturally.

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