Unilever Internship Programme

Two people discussing internships at Unilever

Internships at Unilever

Unilever offers internships to students in many of our offices around the world. Placements range in duration from 12 weeks to a year. What’s constant everywhere is the hands-on experience you’ll get working in one of the world’s leading consumer goods companies. Come and be part of a team at Unilever that’s working to create better futures every day.

We offer internships in the following business areas

Your options are:

  • Marketing

  • Supply chain

  • Research and development

  • Customer development

  • Finance

  • Human resources

  • Information technology

“You really do get such a good experience, with a lot of different people, with different backgrounds and different experiences working for the company”

Hannah Waterhouse, Perfect Store Assistant, Unilever Leadership Internship Programme

“I chose the Unilever programme because I wanted to work for a large organisation to experience the internal dynamics working in a big organisation, versus a smaller one” 

Michael Campbell, Customer Account Executive, Unilever Leadership Internship Programme

Country-specific requirements

At Unilever, we are proud to help young students and graduates around the world acquire work experience. In some countries, internships are legally mandated. If you are in such a country, please contact your local Unilever office for more details about how you can apply for such an internship with us.