Clean, safe & affordable water

We aim to protect a billion lives and save a million children through our Pureit water purification system.

The PureIt in-home water purifierA global shortage of clean water

A billion people on the planet do not have access to clean water. In the developing world, 80% of all diseases are water-borne, with jaundice, typhoid and cholera widespread. Diarrhoea remains the second leading cause of death among children under five: in India alone, it accounts for around 400 000 deaths every year.

Facing a global problem, we found an open innovation solution: working with technology partners, government bodies, and scientific and public health institutions to develop the Pureit range of water purifying products.

'As safe as boiled' – & affordable

Launched in India in 2005, Pureit products are the only in-home purifiers to provide water that’s ‘as safe as boiled’ without the need for cooking gas, electricity or a pressurised supply. They work any time, anywhere.

At their launch, one unit cost €29 to buy and around half a Euro cent per litre to run - much more affordable than all other means of home purification. By 2009, the product had been rolled out to all 28 states in India, bringing safe drinking water to more than 15 million people in 3 million households. Pureit has since been launched in Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and other countries facing a shortage of affordable clean water. New products like Pureit Compact have made the system even more popular with consumers. 

Open innovation & design

The Pureit technology was developed through the combined efforts of our research scientists in India and the UK, and a design partner who brought expertise in aesthetics and manufacture. Pureit works in four stages: a microfibre mesh first removes visible dirt, then the water flows through a compact carbon trap which removes harmful parasites and pesticide impurities. A Germkill™ processor uses sustained release chlorine technology to target and kill viruses and bacteria, before a polisher removes further impurities and residual chlorine to give great tasting water that’s odourless and visibly clear.

Watch the video for a closer look at the innovation behind Pureit.


A proven performer

Pureit's performance has been verified and endorsed by the Sundaram Medical Foundation, the Indian Public Health Association and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. It meets the strict criteria of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It has also received numerous design and technology awards. But the highest accolade for this collaborative project has been its success – among people for whom access to clean water is a matter of life and death.