Safety & environment

The role of the Safety and Environmental Assurance Centre (SEAC) is to assure the safety and environmental sustainability of Unilever products, and the processes used to manufacture them.

Safe & sustainable design

SEAC has around 200 scientific experts in two of Unilever’s major R&D centres: Colworth, UK and Bangalore, India.

The safe and sustainable design of our products and manufacturing processes is a core element of Unilever's commitment to responsible innovation.

SEAC plays a central role in this by carrying out risk and impact assessments of the technology being used or developed by Unilever. It does this in an objective and transparent manner, using rigorous scientific approaches to generate an evidence base which guides decisions on the acceptability of innovations for all of our brands in all of our markets. 

Understanding technology

Safety and sustainability is designed into technology through early engagement in the innovation process. SEAC works with key R&D teams to understand the nature and scope of the technology, how this will be incorporated into products and processes, and how consumers will use the product. 

How the technology will be used is key to understanding the extent of exposure for the consumer, the worker and the environment, and the nature of the environmental impacts across the life cycle. This is critical when deciding on the key safety and sustainability information required for assessments and for the acceptability of the innovation.

Diverse range of scientific expertise

SEAC has a diverse range of scientific expertise that is dedicated to providing risk assessments for the consumer, occupational and environmental safety, and assessments of environmental sustainability across the life cycle of products and processes.

SEAC has built extensive information systems, scientific capability and experience over 50 years within Unilever. Our experts continue to develop capability through active collaboration with other leading edge scientists outside of the company. 

We publish our findings in peer-reviewed journals, and we regularly present our research at international conferences and seminars. Through this open approach, we develop our people, our capability and our credibility, contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge, and influence the development of science-based regulation and standards.