Unilever's policies

Our policies cover operational or functional matters and, in turn, govern how we run our business.

As set out within 'The Governance of Unilever', the board is tasked with the endorsement and/or amendment of certain corporate policies which include Unilever's code of business principles and code of ethics for senior financial officers and Unilever's share dealing code.

The code of business principles sets out the standards of behaviour we require from all of our employees. Furthermore, our code of ethics, which applies to the senior executive, financial and accounting officers, comprises the standards prescribed by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. The code of ethics provides an extract of the relevant provisions of Unilever's code of business principles and the more detailed rules of conduct that implement it.

Unilever attaches great value to its relationship with shareholders. One of the Investor Relations department’s primary tasks is to maintain an open and constructive dialogue with current and potential shareholders of Unilever and with sell side analysts. For further information on the Unilever standard for bilateral contacts with shareholders, please see the link on the right hand side.