Acquisitions & disposals

Summaries of the major acquisitions and disposals. Please refer to our press releases section for more details on the full announcement made.



31 January 2013: Unilever completed the sale of its global Skippy business to Hormel Foods, excluding the portion operated out of China, which remains subject to regulatory approval and is expected to close later in 2013.

Unilever completes global Skippy sale outside of China



Alberto Culver

10/05/2011: Unilever acquired the Alberto Culver Company.

Unilever completes Alberto Culver acquisition



Sara Lee

6 December 2010: We completed the acquisition of the Sara Lee Personal Care and European Laundry business for €1.2 billion. Some of the leading brands included in the transaction are Radox and Duschdas in skin cleansing, Zwitsal and Fissan in baby care, and Prodent and Zendium in oral care.

Unilever completes Sara Lee personal care and European laundry acquisition  


28 September 2010: Unilever and EVGA announced that we would acquire EVGA’s ice cream brands and distribution network, enriching our ice cream portfolio in Greece. Brands include Scandal, Variete and Karabola.

Unilever and EVGA to collaborate in Greek ice cream sector

Consumer tomato products in Brazil

24 September 2010: We announced an agreement to sell Unilever’s consumer tomato products business in Brazil to foods company Cargill for approximately €260 million. The sale includes the Pomarola, Tarantella, Elefante, Extratomato and Pomodoro brands, and a manufacturing facility. 

Ampere Life Sciences

16 September 2010: Unilever announced we had entered into a partnership with Silicon Valley-based Ampere Life Sciences. Under the partnership, we will have access to Ampere’s Digital Biology technology platform and secure exclusive rights for the development of innovative consumer products.

Unilever signs deal with Ampere Life Sciences  


19 August 2010: We signed an asset purchase agreement with Norwegian dairy group TINE, to acquire the activities of Diplom-Is ice cream operations in Denmark from 30 September 2010. The transaction included five distribution centres across the Denmark. 

Italian Frozen Foods

19 July 2010: Unilever announced the signing of a binding agreement for the sale of our Italian Frozen Foods business, Findus, for €805 million. The sale includes a factory in Cisterna, Italy.

Unilever sells Italian frozen foods business to Birds Eye Iglo

Shedd’s Country Crock

18 January 2010: We signed a definitive agreement to sell our Shedd’s Country Crock-branded chilled side-dish business in the US to Hormel Foods Corporation. Ownership of the Shedd’s Country Crock trademark and its flagship spreads product range remained with Unilever.

Unilever Agrees to Sell Shedd’s Country Crock ® Chilled Side-Dish Business(Link opens in a new window)




24 November 2009: We completed the sale of our total interest in JohnsonDiversey, after reducing our equity from 33% to 4% on 7 October 2009.

Unilever completes sale of interest in JohnsonDiversey

Baltimor Holding ZAO

3 July 2009: We completed the acquisition of the sauces business of Baltimor Holding ZAO, the leading ketchup business in Russia. The acquisition included ketchup, mayonnaise and tomato paste brands and a production facility near St Petersburg, strengthening Unilever’s dressings portfolio in a key country.

Unilever acquires leading Russian sauce business Baltimor


23 June 2009: We announced we had invested an undisclosed amount into our subsidiary in Vietnam. The transaction increased our ownership of the business to 100%. Previously Vinachem owned a 33% share in the subsidiary.


4 April 2009: We completed the acquisition of the global TIGI professional hair product business and its Advanced Education Academies for €411.5 million, adding a range of established salon brands to our consumer haircare portfolio. The transaction was first announced on 26 January 2009.

Unilever completes TIGI acquisition


24 February 2009: Unilever agreed to acquire the iconic Romanian ice cream brand Napoca, as part of our expansion into the country’s ice cream market.



Bertolli olive oil & vinegar business

23 December 2008: We completed the disposal of our Bertolli olive oil and vinegar business to Grupo SOS, for a consideration of €630 million. The transaction was structured as a worldwide perpetual licence by Unilever of the Bertolli brand in respect of olive oil and premium vinegar. The transaction included the sale of the Italian Maya, Dante and San Giorgio olive oil and seed oil businesses, as well as the factory at Inveruno, Italy.

Unilever completes sale of Bertolli olive oil business to Grupo SOS

Edible oil business in Côte d’Ivoire

4 December 2008: We completed the sale of our edible oil business in Côte d’Ivoire, together with our interests in local oil palm plantations Palmci and PHCI, to SIFCA, the parent company of an Ivorian agro-industry group, and to a 50:50 joint venture between two Singapore-based companies, Wilmar International Limited and Olam International Limited. At the same time we acquired the soap business of Cosmivoire, a subsidiary of SIFCA.

Unilever in Côte d’Ivoire  


31 October 2008: We completed the sale of Komili, our olive oil brand in Turkey, to Ana Gida, part of the Anadolu Group. 

North American Laundry

9 September 2008: We completed the sale of our North American laundry business in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico to Vestar Capital Partners, a leading global private equity firm, for a face value of US $1.45 billion. These businesses had a combined turnover in 2007 of approximately US $1.0 billion.

Unilever completes sale of North American laundry business to Vestar Capital Partners  

Lawry’s & Adolph’s branded seasoning blends & marinades

31 July 2008: Unilever completed the sale of our Lawry’s and Adolph’s branded seasoning blends and marinades business in the US and Canada to McCormick & Company Incorporated for €410 million. The combined annual turnover of the business is approximately €100 million.

Unilever to close Lawry’s deal with McCormick  


2 April 2008: We completed the acquisition of Inmarko, the leading Russian ice cream company. The company had a turnover in 2007 of approximately €115 million.

Unilever acquires leading Russian ice cream company Inmarko  


3 January 2008: We completed the sale of the Boursin brand to Le Groupe Bel for €400 million. The turnover of this brand in 2007 was approximately €100 million.


With effect from 1 January 2008, Unilever entered into an expanded international partnership with Pepsico for the marketing and distribution of ready-to-drink tea products under the Lipton brand.