This video shows the production of Vienetta.

Watch how Vienetta is made

Vienetta has become an iconic dessert, with consumers all over the world loving its layers of cool, creamy ice cream and crisp chocolate.

The video on this page shows how Vienetta is made in one of our factories, from the piped ice cream swirls to the finished packaging.

Vienetta facts:

  • Vienetta was created in 1981 when Kevin Hillman, a Product Development Manager for Unilever’s Wall’s Ice Cream brand, had the idea of creating an ice cream version of the French millefeuille cake

  • Vienetta is available in a range of flavours, the most popular being original chocolate, and mint

  • To celebrate Vienetta’s 25th birthday in 2007, Wall’s made a 22.7m long Vienetta, breaking the world record for the longest ice cream.

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