Protecting biodiversity

The following case studies provide examples of our biodiversity initiatives at individual sites and businesses. See the Biodiversity section of our online Sustainable Development Report in related links for more information.

Palm oil plantations

Ghana: Promoting biodiversity on palm oil plantations

Unilever Ghana has developed biodiversity action plans (BAPs) to protect and enhance biodiversity at its Benso and Twifo palm oil plantations.

Keynya fuel wood

Kenya: Tea plantation biodiversity initiatives provide habitat for rare birdlife and other species

One of the main threats to Kenya's delicate biodiversity is deforestation. Since 2000, Unilever Tea Kenya’s tree planting initiatives have been helping to protect biodiversity in areas such as the threatened Mau Forest.

Tanzania tea estate

Tanzania: Biodiversity action plan

Unilever Tea Tanzania (UTT), formerly Brooke Bond Tanzania, has developed a biodiversity action plan to help preserve ecosystems in the country's Eastern Arc region.

Colworth estate

UK: Encouraging biodiversity at Colworth Estate

Woodland, hedgerows, fields and golf courses all play a role protecting biodiversity at Colworth Estate.

Swainsons Hawk

USA: Protecting wild birds on tomato farms

Bertolli and Ragu tomato farmers in California are protecting wild birds, including birds of prey, to encourage biodiversity.

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