Economic development

In both developed and developing countries, our companies are active in projects that contribute to economic development, from sharing good practice, training and technology to creating new distribution channels.

Allanblackia fruit pods

Africa: Promoting biodiversity & alleviating poverty in Ghana & Tanzania

Unilever has joined forces with a diverse group of organisations to help farmers cultivate a new tree crop.

Joyeeta entrepreneur at her store

Bangladesh: Empowering women through micro-enterprises

Micro-enterprise initiatives are helping Unilever Bangladesh achieve its business and social goals by providing women with the means to start their own micro-enterprises.

Woman making jewellery

Ghana: Reusing waste plastic to make jewellery & flower pots

Unilever Ghana's factory in Tema supports a recycling initiative that reduces waste and provides income for local people.

Ghana classroom

Ghana: Unilever Foundation for Education & Development

Unilever's commitment to Ghana is longstanding. For many years, Unilever Ghana has invested in the country's economy and the skills of its employees as well as in a wide range of community initiatives.

Woman carrying box

India: Creating rural entrepreneurs

45 000 Shakti entrepreneurs reach 100 000 villages.

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Indonesia: Building partnerships with suppliers

The development of high-quality suppliers is crucial to our business and to the growth of the Indonesian economy.

Three pairs of hands holding black soybeans

Indonesia: Farmer development programme

In Indonesia we are working with local farmers to boost livelihoods from growing black soybeans, a key ingredient in a popular Unilever brand.

Farmer in Kenya

Kenya: BAACH partners tackle hunger through development

As part of the Business Alliance Against Chronic Hunger, Unilever has teamed up with over 30 companies to help the government take action against hunger in rural areas in Kenya.

A woman surrounded by plant pots

South Africa: Tree planting in deprived communities supported by Unilever volunteers

Unilever employees are helping orphans and single-parent households grow and sell trees in rural South African communities and townships, providing a sustainable source of income and helping to improve their livelihoods.