Environmental impacts

Environmental responsibility underpins our activities wherever we operate, such as product and packaging innovation, promoting greater use of recycling, teaching children and contributing to conservation.

Some examples

Here we provide examples of environmental initiatives which are part of our community programme and which have a social or economic as well as an environmental benefit.

Biofuels ready for burning at Hefei factory

Asia: Second generation biofuels cut carbon emissions in China, India and Sri Lanka

Across Asia, Unilever factories are experimenting with biomass- fuelled boilers to cut carbon emissions and provide additional sources of income for communities.

Casa do Bem

Brazil: Unilever & Walmart demonstrate sustainable living

Unilever's sustainable house shows Wal-Mart customers how to live in an environmentally friendly way.

Greater desktop

Europe: Assessing the impact of household products on rivers

Unilever works in partnership with detergent manufacturers, chemical companies, academic institutes and government agencies to assess the potential risks of pollution from household products.

People under solar panel

Global: Chilled by the sun

Chilled by the sun: Tackling climate change.

South Africa: waste material

South Africa: Composting waste material for community gardens

Unilever factories in South Africa have begun diverting food waste to make compost used in community vegetable gardens, helping local communities and reducing waste sent to landfill.


Thailand: Thailand's first packaging management institute

The disposal of unwanted waste is a key environmental issue. In Thailand, packaging accounts for 31% of all waste. Unilever Thailand and 17 national and international manufacturers have joined forces to tackle the problem.