Conserving water

Our case studies provide examples of environmental initiatives at individual sites / businesses, and are regularly updated. For Unilever Group information about water see the section on Sustainability.

Man with tomatoes

Brazil: Saving water in Latin America

"Only take short showers and stop ironing your clothes or the lights will go out."

Go Blue

Canada: Educating consumers about water conservation

Canada's freshwater supply is at risk. In many parts of the country water is being used faster than nature can renew it. Unilever Canada's Go Blue campaign encourages Canadians to cut their water consumption by 50%.

Banks and ditches

India: Conserving water at Khamgaon soap factory

The land around our Khamgaon soap factory in central India used to be a virtual wasteland. Now it's a forest of greenery thanks to an environmentally-friendly model for water and soil conservation.

Man with fish

Indonesia: Cleaning up the Brantas river

"I never thought I would farm fish in this river. It was too polluted. Now I make a living from it."

Pakistan Installing water pumps in drought affected regions

Pakistan: Improving hygiene and water access in drought-affected regions

In Pakistan's Thar Desert millions of people rely on sporadic rainfall for their survival. Unilever Pakistan is helping communities to manage water resources, improving peoples' health and livelihoods. 

Detergents in rivers

South Africa: Researching the effects of chemicals on water ecosystems

The Unilever Centre for Environmental Water Quality (UCEWQ) at the Rhodes University Institute for Water Research was established in 2002 to help South Africa conserve and protect its water resources.