Water – Load per tonne of production

This chart shows Water – Load per tonne of production (1995 - 2010)

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In 2010, we achieved a 0.1% reduction in total water use and a reduction per tonne of production of 4.6%, meeting our 2010 milestone of a 2.8% reduction.

The main reasons for our decrease in water use were:

  • Water reduction programmes in India (reuse of harvested rainwater) and in the US (waterless conveyer belt lubrication) and various savings projects in Ghana and Greece. 

  • Improved measurement and process control (Sri Lanka, Greece, Sweden and Spain). 

  • Site closures and restructuring (Italy, Czech Republic, US and Australia).

Seven of our sites reduced their water consumption by more than 100 000m3 and a further five sites by 50 000m3.

However, water consumption increased at some of our sites due to:

  • More cleaning operations because of shorter production runs and increased site complexity (Argentina and Mexico).

  • A major leak at a UK factory in 2010 which has now been repaired.

  • An increase in frozen foods production (using more water) and the failure of water recycling system at one of our sites in the US.

It should be noted that over half the water used by our factories was not of drinking quality.