Disclosures on Human Rights

This table provides an overview of our reporting against GRI G3 requirements for human rights.

Level of disclosure

For each of these elements we state whether Unilever's reporting covers the requirements fully (F) or partially (P). Here we provide links or signposts to where this information can be found either in our online Sustainable Development Report (SDR) 2010 or in our Annual Report and Accounts (ARA) 2010.

Where core indicators are not deemed as material to our business for this year, we have marked this as NM (not material). Where we currently do not have information in our public reporting to answer a requirement we mark this as NA (not available). We will continue to review the availability of information in our reporting at Group level to meet stakeholder interests on our most important impacts.


F = Full coverage
P = Partial coverage
NA = Not available
NM = Not material

Management approach

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  • Our sustainability strategy
  • Values & standards
  • Employees, Respecting Rights
  • Suppliers

GRI G3 requirements

Level of reporting

Comment / Links

Investment & procurement practices

HR1 Percentage and total number of significant investment agreements that include human rights clauses or that have undergone human rights screening (core)



HR2 Percentage of significant suppliers and contractors that have undergone screening on human rights and action taken (core)


SDR: Customers & supploers, Suppliers




HR4 Total number of incidents of discrimination and actions taken (core)



Freedom of association & collective bargaining

HR5 Operations identified in which the right to exercise freedom of association and collective bargaining may be at significant risk, and actions taken to support these rights (core)


SDR: Employees, Respecting rights


Child Labour, Forced & Compulsory Labour

HR6 Operations identified as having significant risk for incidents of child labour and measures taken to contribute to the elimination of child labour (core)


SDR: Employees, Respecting rights

HR7 Operations identified as having significant risk of forced or compulsory labour, and measures to contribute to the elimination of forced or compulsory labour (core)