Continuous improvement benchmarks

We have introduced a three-stage continuous improvement process for suppliers, with a progression from the Mandatory Requirements required to work with us, to achieving Good Practice, to achieving and maintaining Best Practice.

Meeting our benchmarks for responsible sourcing

Unilever’s Responsible Sourcing Policy contains the benchmarks expected of our suppliers relating to all the Fundamental Principles. They include:

(i) Benchmarks which are essential to meeting the Mandatory Requirements of the Responsible Sourcing Policy; and
(ii) Benchmarks we expect suppliers to achieve over a reasonable period of time in order to reach Good Practice and ultimately to achieve Best Practice.

We recognise that achieving Best Practice will take time.  We will work to share knowledge and guidance with our suppliers to help them reach this level.

These benchmarks comprise the critical elements of what is generally required to reach Mandatory Requirements and to reach Good and Best Practice, but are not exhaustive. 

As the pace of change is so evident in responsible sourcing, we aim to review and update these benchmarks on a regular basis to ensure that they not only keep up with the evolution in responsible sourcing, but set the benchmark that others in the industry will aspire to.

For more details on our Continuous Improvement Benchmarks, see the Responsible Sourcing Policy - April 2014(Link opens in a new window) ( 4.1MB ) .