Customers and suppliers

Supermarket worker helping consumers in China

Promoting sustainability

In order to realise sustainable growth, it is important that we engage with our customers and suppliers. Many of our large international customers take a strong stance on sustainability, and they have set ambitious targets in areas such as energy use, greenhouse gas emissions and waste. We work on a one-to-one basis and as part of industry groups to pursue our respective programmes to ensure an efficient approach. We also share strategies and growth plans, including sustainability issues with our strategic suppliers who are essential in attaining our ambitions.

We now assess our suppliers against Unilever’s Responsible Sourcing Policy which was launched in April 2014 and prior to this, the Unilever Supplier Code. Where applicable, suppliers are also assessed against the Unilever Sustainable Agriculture Code and Unilever Sustainable Palm Oil Policy.

Working with our customers

We work with retailers to ensure our products are as accessible as possible to shoppers everywhere.

Working with customers

Working with our suppliers

Working with our suppliers to assure compliance with our Responsible Sourcing Policy

Working with our suppliers