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Most of Indonesian cuisine is built on the uniquely sweet, syrupy and aromatic taste of kecap soy sauce—a pourable flavour explosion made from black soy beans and used in just about every dish you can shake a fork and spoon at. We want to make the lives of local soy bean farmers a little easier. That’s why every splash of Bango you use to bring an unmistakably Indonesian taste to your cooking helps ensure the local farmers responsible for this magic little bean increase their income, keep their farms and improve their quality of life.

Being a farmer is no walk in the park. On top of those early starts, long days and hard physical work, there are droughts, floods and pests that can make it tough to earn a living. So in 2000 we partnered with Gadjah Mada University to lend a hand to local soy bean farmers through technical assistance and financing. Together, we run education programmes that give farmers planting advice, teach them how to increase yields, and improve quality and efficiency. These schools also allow farmers to meet, share experiences and learn from each other.

Thanks to your support, we’re now teaching farmers how to get the very best out of every one of their crops. So far we’ve reached over 10,500 smallholder farmers!

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smallholder farmers helped with your splash of soy

We’re also flying the flag for all the Indonesian women famers bringing a little fempowerment to soy bean farming. Our separate “Women’s Empowerment” programme has so far helped over 3,000 women farmers.

Our partnership with Gadjah Mada has been able to go one step further than just providing education—the brilliant minds there actually created a new variety of black soy bean! Step forward, Mallika! This super hero soy bean variant is robust enough to withstand tough growing conditions and results in a better yield. This means famers have been able to greatly improve their productivity and boost their incomes from black soy beans. It’s an innovation with positive environmental and social impacts, and allows the long-term sustainability of a crop that’s integral to so many people’s wellbeing.

Thanks to your support, we’re able to maintain that long-term sustainability by ensuring the quality of the Mallika seed never drops. Because a sturdier crop means improved bean yields, which means improved livelihoods for the farmers, which means even better bean yields moving forward. It’s a nice big cycle of good that you’re an integral part of—every time you use Bango you’re helping ensure soy bean farmers keep doing what they do, which means you can keep bringing a little bang to your favourite dishes.

To learn more about how we’re improving the lives of soy bean farmers click here.

Every U Does Good. Unilever

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