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Toilets, they might not cross your mind much during a day (well, other than when nature calls), but to us they’re a major topic of thought. That’s because we think a clean, safe toilet should be a basic right, not a privilege. Take it away from people, and they may not only be left with the indignity of having to defecate in the open, but they’re also far more susceptible to deadly bacterial diseases, such as diarrhea.

That’s the reality faced by 892 million people worldwide—and that’s why we’re on a mission to help provide 25 million people get cleaner, safer toilets by 2020.

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people to have access to cleaner, safer toilets by 2020, thanks to you blasting your toilet clean with a specially marked bottle of Domestos

More than just spreading dangerous diseases, poor sanitation can have long-lasting impacts for a child’s future.

Imagine your school only had one run-down toilet between hundreds of students? Or didn’t have one at all. Think about how having to face that, day in day out, would affect your motivation and impact your mood. A missing toilet might not sound like much, but that lack of hygiene could ultimately impact your prospects—and that’s the reality faced by thousands of kids.

But change is possible! Which is why we’ve rolled up our sleeves and got busy. We work with local NGOs and governmental authorities to help improve the condition of toilets in communities and schools all over the globe.

Good sanitation is about more than just sticking in clean toilets and then disappearing round the bend—it’s also about behaviour change and habit formation. So, we also provide schools with the resources and training to help educate kids, teachers, janitors and parents about how they can maintain these facilities, and about long-term positive hygiene habits in general.

Since 2012 we’ve also been supporting UNICEF’s work to protect children and families from the dangers of disease. So far, the partnership has helped more than 10 million people get cleaner, safer toilets around the world.

The war on poor sanitation isn’t going to be won overnight, but by choosing a specially marked bottle of Domestos as your toilet germ-killing weapon, you’re helping us improve lives for the better for millions of people.

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Every U Does Good. Unilever

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