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We believe that sustainably grown food doesn’t just taste better, it’s also better for the planet! Sustainability isn’t one big idea—It’s a thousand little ones that all add together to make a difference. Next time you use a Knorr product to whip up that go-to mid-week favourite or date night tour de force, you’re also helping support hardworking, green-fingered farmers around the world to make more sustainable decisions in their farming.

In 2011 we set up the Knorr Partnership Fund. This invests up to €1 million every year into co-funded projects with suppliers for their farmers, and helps them meet, or go beyond, the requirements of our Unilever Sustainable Agriculture Code. And it’s helped farmers reap some real benefits.

So far we’ve helped over 27,000 farmers and farm workers across more than 100 projects! Including supporting herb farmers in Germany in training their staff to be beekeepers, partnering Spanish tomato farmers with the Spanish Ornithological Society (SEO / BirdLife) to improve the habitats of 158 bird species, and helping vegetable farmers in France plant flowers alongside crops to increase biodiversity. Together we’re helping farmers create the tastiest, most environmentally friendly produce they possibly can.

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farmers and farm workers supported by your kitchen creativity

We believe it’s completely possible to look after the planet whilst also making sure the 7+billion people living on it have a dinner menu that’s always delicious and interesting. Choosing Knorr means we can support all those little sustainability stories in coming together to make a big delicious difference.

Although the Knorr Partnership Fund has achieved a lot of good work so far, there’s still so much more we can do! So go ahead and get cooking! The more oh-so-Instagramable breakfasts, better-than-a-supermarket-sandwich lunches, and Michelin star dinners you put together with Knorr, the more farmers we can help, sustainability innovations we can discover, and delicious ingredients we can bring from farm to fork.

And since we’ve only got one planet on which to grow all those tasty sustainable ingredients, we need to make sure it’s clean and tidy. So we also support strong recycling initiatives. For example, in South Africa we’ve transformed thousands of in-store winter soup displays into pieces of educational material that went out to 4150 pupils across 17 schools.

Together we’re creating a story of sustainability that isn’t just one story, it’s a thousand little ones that all come together to make the world a better, tastier place. Find out more here.

Every U Does Good. Unilever

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