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Actions speak louder than words, and the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan (USLP) is our way of mapping out exactly how we can use our scale to have the biggest positive impact on the most people possible. We believe that we can create a better world by focusing on three key areas: improving Health and Wellbeing, reducing our Environmental Impact, and Enhancing Livelihoods.

Because responsible business makes for good business, the USLP means our consumers are better off, the planet’s better off, and our business is better off. Simply by using your favourites from our dream team of brands, you’re helping us do some amazing things.

By 2020 we’re aiming to help more than a billion people improve their Health and Wellbeing. Many of our brands, like Domestos and Lifebuoy, are already hard at work bringing this goal closer to reality by working to reduce the incidence of preventable life-threatening diseases, like diarrhea and pneumonia. In fact, since the USLP was initiated eight years ago, we’ve helped over 600 million people improve their health and hygiene.

Reusing, recycling and reducing are our three favourite words when it comes to reducing our Environmental Impact. By making all our packaging recyclable and using renewable energy in our factories we can hit our 2030 goal of halving the environmental footprint of the making and using of our products. Right now, over half our agricultural ingredients are sustainably sourced.

We’re also doing our bit to Enhance Livelihoods around the world. Whether that’s promoting equal opportunities, like our Unstereotype initiative to smash negative gender stereotypes and use advertising as a force for good, or looking out for the little guy in our supply chain through training smallholder farmers and providing entrepreneurial opportunities, we’re on track to help millions of people live better by 2020.

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lives will be improved, enhanced and positively impacted by 2030, thanks to you using your favourite Unilever products

But we know there’s still so much more we could be doing! The world’s changing every day, so to ensure we rise up and meet those changes head on, we’re stepping up our ‘do good’ ambitions for the future. To make these ambitions a reality, we’re pulling together our diverse community, that’s everyone from food tasters, investors, tech leaders, tea makers, academics, strategists, and Lipton-sipping, Dove-scrubbing, Knorr-sizzling people like you, to help shape the next stage of our journey.

You’re already playing a massive part simply by enjoying your favourite Unilever products, and you can also go one step further and directly work with us via our Take Action initiative.

Together, we can work to do good for the next 100 years and beyond. To find out more about USLP, click here.

Every U Does Good. Unilever

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