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Is there anything more joyfully simple than a scoop, cone or stick of ice cream? Whether treating yourself on a scorching summer’s day, tucking into a tub at the cinema, or sharing an Everest sized sundae with a friend, it’s a cheerful pleasure enjoyed the world over.

But it can be so much more than just a yummy treat. Simply by enjoying a Wall’s ice cream from time to time, you’re helping give talented and driven young people a career opportunity that’ll spread a little bit of joy, one street at a time, to thousands of ice cream lovers around the world.

“I'm Wall’s” is a global ice cream vendor programme that provides training, equipment, products and licensing to thousands of long-term unemployed individuals and young people, giving them the chance to discover what it takes to become an ice cream vendor for themselves. As well as selling ice creams at music events, tourist attractions and sunny beaches, I'm Wall’s vendors also help the local community, cleaning litter from festival grounds and beaches, or acting as lifeguards to keep people safe.

The scheme works by either directly employing individuals, or supporting them to become ‘micro-entrepreneurs’ and start their own ice cream business. Thanks to your support, we’ve managed to get around 45,000 young or socially excluded people into the delicious business of ice cream, and with your help, we’re on track to make that number over 100,000 by 2020!

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job opportunities to be created by 2020, backed by your love of ice cream

By providing access to decent jobs, training and business experience to vendors who may have been excluded from work – including long-term unemployed and refugees – we’re able to create new sales channels, all whilst having a positive social impact on people and communities.

So next time you treat yourself to your favourite ice cream from our motley crew of products, be it a Twister, Cornetto or Magnum, you’re supporting a programme that’s melting down employment barriers for talented and driven individuals. And the more ice cream vendors there are, the more opportunities you get to enjoy your favourite frozen treat! It’s a programme where everybody wins!

It’s a journey we’re still on together, but if you keep enjoying the occasional ice cream, we can help the world become that little bit more joyful and inclusive. Learn more here.

Every U does Good. Unilever

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