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Water is a huge part of our manufacturing process, so we’ve got a big responsibility to do everything in our power to create efficiencies and innovations that can lessen our ‘water footprint’. We’ve already reduced the amount of water we use across our factory network by 39% for each tonne of production. This has helped save approximately 19.8 million litres of water – equivalent to 2.6 litres for every person on the entire planet! But there’s a lot more we can do to create more and more water efficiencies in the future.

Across the world, we’re designing and updating our factories to make them more water friendly. In 2017 our Goiania factory in Latin America installed a new tank cleaning system which saves 3,500m3 of water per year and uses fewer chemicals in the process. Our Amli factory in India is treating and reusing wastewater for cooling towers and boilers. Our Caivano ice cream factory in Italy updated their shutdown procedures to include closing water-access to non-essential areas, saving 15,000m3 throughout the year.

We also diligently recollect and reuse water for our cooling towers, recycle it for our boilers and reduce our water use through efficient cleaning. And all these little things add up to a big difference—helping reduce the impact of climate change, protecting the quality of the water returned to the environment and relieving the stress of water scarcity where it matters.

Water is essential to life, so we’ve got a responsibility to do everything in our power to limit our ‘water footprint’ and make sure we’re always using this precious resource in the most sensible and efficient way. And by continuing to spray, squeeze and splash about with your favourite brands, you’re helping support our efforts to hang onto every valuable droplet.

Find out more about how we’re making the most of the world’s water here.

Every U Does Good. Unilever

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