At Unilever, we have ambitious plans to grow our business while reducing our overall environmental footprint and increasing our positive social impact, and only through partnering with you, our suppliers will sustainable and profitable growth be achievable.

Working together

Positive social impact as our business grows

The market is ever-changing, and we're determined to be industry leaders. To achieve that, we rely on superb suppliers. Let's work together: let's make it happen.


Manager in a warehouse in China

The one stop shop for our supply partners (members only).

Certification vs. self verification

Collecting harvest yield information in Turkey

Our sustainable sourcing programme uses external certification, or self-assessment and verification against the Unilever Sustainable Agriculture Code.

Legal Terms and Conditions

These are the Legal Terms and Conditions that apply to you as a supplier of goods and/or services to Unilever.

Sustainable sourcing tools

Financial planning tool on an iPad

Find online tools that can help agricultural suppliers meet Unilever’s sustainability standards.

Sharing wealth

A woman selling Unilever products

Unilever's deep roots in emerging markets mean we can make a valuable contribution to economic development in these countries.

Sustainable sourcing

Palm oil farmer

Growing for the future – sustainable sourcing has never been more important.

Inclusive business

Inclusive business pillar

We’re committed to improving the livelihoods of smallholder farmers and supporting small-scale retailers.

Smallholder farmers

Allanblakia farmers in Indonesia

Our approach aims to benefit hundreds of thousands of smallholder farmers.