Submissions portal

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  • If your submission relates to one of the specific Unilever technical WANTs and Challenges, or if you wish to submit a design or technological solution more broadly related to our main focus areas, or, if you are the owner of a published patent application which relates to technology which you think that Unilever might be interested in, then please submit via our submissions portal.

  • If your solution relates to one of the following: feedback on an existing Unilever product, non-technical proposals for how Unilever products may be improved, ideas for marketing, advertising and naming Unilever products, or a non-technical idea for a new product which Unilever does not presently sell, please submit your product idea by contacting the brand in question (details on the product packaging) or by getting in touch with Unilever in the country you live in – see our ‘Contact us’ page for details. .