Unilever Heroes

Unilever Heroes 2018

Becoming a micro-entrepreneur in rural Colombia

Becoming a micro-entrepreneur in rural Colombia

Our Shakti Project in the Middle Americas is empowering women

When a disaster strikes… hygiene is a priority

Aarti Daryanani

At times of crisis and emergency, Lifebuoy regularly steps in with product donations to the population affected. But soap is just the first step to preventing widespread illness. The brand is now taking its role to the next level.

“I was given the ultimate privilege: saving someone’s life”

Heroes Maggie

When a colleague faced a grave diagnosis, Unilever Hero Maggie Brommer responded with a unique donation that saved his life and changed her own forever.

Improving health and hygiene for 10,000 children in Timor-Leste

Improving health and hygiene for 10,000 children in Timor-Leste

How Unilever Hero Nicky Ong ensured new programmes made a powerful impact

How self-esteem is linked to better health decisions

Stacie June Shelton

Our Dove Self-Esteem Project has helped 29 million young people build body confidence. Now we are pioneering a new approach in South Africa.

Employee, influencer and mentor

Ibtisam Habib

As a young Muslim woman encountering negative stereotypes, Unilever Hero Ibtisam Habib has confounded expectations

Helping refugees while unlocking growth

Helping refugees while unlocking growth

Unilever Hero Zeina Al Mouallem took action to support Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Jordan

Risking life to save life

Risking life to save life

In a summer wildfire in Greece, Unilever Hero Andreas Triantafyllidis saved the lives of strangers

How one man is helping end child hunger in the Philippines

Uael Canoy

Our Knorr foods brand has launched a holistic programme in the Philippines to help malnourished children

Unilever Heroes 2017

Using mobiles to drive social change

Unilever hero 2017, Anjalli Ravi Kumar

Anjalli is helping thousands of women access an education

Improving quality of life in rural Pakistan

Unilever hero 2017 Manoj-Kumar Langhani

Manoj is transforming local communities by employing women

Helping to make the world a better place

Unilever Hero 2017 Rob Bellezza

Robert is bringing a sense of purpose to the workplace

Showing resilience in a challenging environment

Oscar Infante & Yumar Carrera

Oscar and Yumar are helping to keep our business running smoothly

Leaving a legacy for his local community

Unilever Hero: Rajagopalan Veeraraghavan

Raja has transformed a school for children with special abilities

Empowering Egypt’s forgotten community

Sherine Sabry

Sherine is giving visually impaired people the tools to succeed in the workplace

Giving women and children a brighter future

Elsie Wandera

Elsie is passionate about improving Kenyan society

Saving lives through one simple message

Samuel Osoro

Samuel is teaching children why they must wash their hands with soap

Unilever Heroes 2016

Standing tall after abuse

Esther Marshall

Esther is campaigning for safety and equality for women and girls

Working through a revolution

Sabir Mohamed

Sabir protected our factory and people during turbulent times in Tunisia

Cleaning up the environment with biodiesel

Mircko Rojas

Mircko is reducing the impact of our transport operation in Bolivia

Pioneering the perfect tea estate programme

Gayan Seneviratne

Gayan and Kesara are pioneering the perfect tea estate programme

Helping people with disabilities

Askur Meade

Askur is building a more diverse mindset in our Mexican business

Talking about male suicide

David Titman

David is helping people at a time when they need it most

Unilever Heroes 2015

Managing in a crisis

Two people taking a photograph

Treasury Manager Polydoros Lamprakis took bold steps to deal with the crisis caused by bank closures in Greece

Inspiring others

Picture of Shaamiel Edwards 990x557

Shaamiel has helped us reduce our carbon footprint by 20% and create 2,500 jobs in South Africa

Helping foodbanks grow

Picture of Phil Long

Phil is using his IT and business skills to help a foodbank network run more effectively and expand

Empowering women

Picture of Barbara Scala

Barbara is helping free up time for women who spend hours every day fetching or waiting for water

Chefmanship Academies in Malaysia

Picture of Mohd-Firdaus Abdullah

Mohamad Abdullah Firdaus, Assistant Customer Development Manager, Unilever Food Solutions, Malaysia.

Healing the skin of people in crisis

Picture of Kathleen Dunlop

Kathleen is helping to address the urgent needs of people living in crises and emergency situations through The Vaseline Healing Project.

Safeguarding people and growth when tough times hit

Pictue of PD Pandey

Assistant Area Sales and Customer Manager Priyadarshi Pandey

Driving growth – literally

Picture of Asghar

Asghar Nishan Malik’s ingenuity has improved the lives of ice cream vendors and helped drive sales

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