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Working together

Positive social impact as our business grows

The market is ever-changing, and we're determined to be industry leaders. To achieve that, we rely on superb suppliers. Let's work together: let's make it happen.

Partner to Win

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In February 2011 Unilever launched 'Partner to Win' - an award winning strategic programme focussed on building relationships with selected key supplier partners in order to achieve mutual growth.

Sustainable sourcing

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At Unilever, we have ambitious plans to grow our business while reducing our overall environmental impact, and only through partnering with our suppliers will sustainable and profitable growth be achievable.


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The one stop shop for our supply partners (members only).

How to invoice us

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We’re moving to faster electronic invoicing for all our suppliers, and eliminating paper-based processing.


Learn about the USQS and making it easier to do business with Unilever.

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