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We’re committed to improving and automating the purchase-to-pay process for our suppliers and electronic invoicing is key to this strategy.

Unilever is devoted to ensuring that we provide timely and efficient payment for goods and services to all of our suppliers, whilst supporting our drive towards environmental sustainability through the adoption of e-solutions.

The first e-solution we are implementing is the transition from paper to electronic invoicing (e-invoicing).

Suppliers delivering to Unilever companies* in Europe, North America, Unilever Supply Chain Company (USCC) and Unilever Americas Supply Chain Company (UASCC), are the first to transition to e-invoicing from 1 October and we will be engaging with suppliers in other regions in due course to ensure they are prepared and aware of the change to come.

In this section you will find basic information and the requirements needed to ensure that the payment process runs smoothly, how to e-transact with us, who to contact, and how to leverage track and trace technology.

If you have questions, specifically related to transitioning from paper to e-invoices or you require assistance with e-invoicing, please contact us via email:

*Out of scope companies based in these countries: Portugal, Greece, Mexico

More information

Vendor Query Portal

Get Greater visibility of your invoice processing and payment status.

Tungsten Invoice Status Service (or known as Vendor Query Portal) is an online service that gives you full visibility of your invoice processing and payment status, regardless of your invoice submission method.

This enables you to become more productive and spend less time on the phone chasing payment status.

Login to the Tungsten Portal today and get instant access to Invoice and Payment status.

The benefits of Tungsten Invoice Status Service include:

  • Simple and fast registration and login through the Tungsten Portal to quickly see the status of your invoice

  • Invoice information available from time of receipt through to final payment

  • Free for Unilever Suppliers

Find out more on how to register

VQP Brochure: Click Here (PDF | 6MB)

Payment Process

Unilever is currently using both paper and electronic invoicing (paperless solutions) to process your invoices for payment.

However, we’re committed to improving and automating the purchase-to-pay process and electronic invoicing is key to this strategy.

We’re working in partnership with our suppliers to phase out paper-based processing completely. Electronic invoicing offers faster, more effective processing which benefits both suppliers and customers. Moving to e-invoicing will reduce the time it takes for supplier invoices to be processed and paid, eliminate the problems associated with lost or rejected invoices, and will provide immediate notification of any potential issues when invoices are submitted. This allows any potential issues to be rectified quickly without causing payment delays.

Our E-Invoicing Systems

Unilever has taken strategic decision to encourage all suppliers to migrate towards electronic invoicing. Unilever Europe/North America receives thousands of invoices electronically each month via Tungsten Network and Ariba Network, from hundreds of suppliers, delivering proven benefits of faster, more effective invoice processing to both suppliers and Unilever.

The benefits for Suppliers and Unilever are:

  • Improve on-time payment to our suppliers (>95%)

  • Provide real time tracking and monitoring of invoice status to our suppliers

  • Optional financing service for MBS suppliers through our E-Invoicing partners

  • Better management of our over dues by taking full control of the invoice receipt process

  • Eliminate paper usage from our P2P process, in line with Unilever sustainability commitments

The process of e-Invoicing is most developed in the European and North American regions. As our e-invoicing partners are Tungsten Network (earlier OB10) and Ariba Network, our suppliers will need to register with the Tungsten network (Europe and NA) or Ariba Network (NA & UAPL Only) in order to submit electronic invoices.

Please visit for Tungsten and for Ariba Network option and for further information on registering and how you can get started on the e-Invoicing system today and experience firsthand the benefits it will bring to your business.

Once you're established on the Tungsten Network/Ariba Network, you will be able to use Tungsten/AribaNetwork to send electronic invoices to us, as well as to your other customers who receive their invoices through Tungsten/Ariba Network, further streamlining your own processes. Depending on the number of invoices that you send to Unilever, you can choose either one of our service provider toinvoice Unilever electronically.

Tungsten Network Integrated Solution:

If you generate high volumes of invoices, we recommend you use the Tungsten Integrated Solution, which is a fully automated process where invoice data is extracted directly from your billing system and delivered directly without the need for any additional software or hardware, allowing you to send one consolidated data file for all your invoices.

Tungsten Network web-based form

Alternatively, suppliers who usually generate lower invoice volumes can choose the Tungsten web-based form. There is no annual license fee for this method and you can send 52 free transactions per annum to your customers on Tungsten Network which is automatically replenish at the end of your first anniversary.

Ariba Network PO Flipping

Supplier can send invoices via Ariba Webform by flipping the PO. Invoice is automatically pre-populated with the PO data

Ariba Network CSV Solution

Supplier can upload their invoices in CSV(comma separated value) format via Ariba Network. It provides an effective mean for Suppliers with a large number of invoices to submit these to Unilever electronically when they do not have the immediate means to provide these via cXML or EDI directly.

Ariba Network Integrated Solution

Supplier can integrate via adaptor (EDIFACT, X12, cXML). Touch less; Integration is two-way, machine-to-machine communication that fully automates transactions between Supplier and Unilever.

The selection of the most appropriate Tungsten Network service/Ariba Network service naturally rests with you and Tungsten/Ariba Network will handle all the necessary technical and commercial steps needed to establish your account. Your Procurement Manager at Unilever will also have more information on e-invoicing and can address any questions you may have or you can write to For more information about Tungsten (earlier OB10) and Ariba Network please refer below links;

Download the Tungsten E-Invoicing and an Overview of your Options (PDF | 225KB)

Paperless Solutions and Processing

Unilever is working hard to bring multiple - paperless solutions to your business.

Settlements, consignment, and Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS) are other paperless payment processes supported by Unilever which often eliminates the process for receiving invoices and streamlines the payment process.

ERS is the process in which payments are generated from the Goods Receipts entered into our system by the plant, meaning, payment is based only on what Unilever receives. The payments are generated by a settlement run by Unilever thus there is no need for suppliers to send any kind of invoice. Instead, suppliers will receive weekly or monthly settlement information with details on further payments.

Consignment is the process in which Unilever pays for goods based on consumption during the month, rather than based on goods received. The payments are processed by a settlement that is run at the end of the month. Consignment is often linked with an ERS process (especially in North American region), eliminating the need for paper invoicing. Currently, electronic invoices are not widely used across the globe, however, Unilever is working hard to open up multiple channels in order to do business with our suppliers in a more efficient and paperless manner.

Your Unilever Procurement Manager should be your contact for further information.

Efficient processing of your payment

In order to facilitate the automation of this process, it will be necessary to quote the Purchase Order number (PO or SA Scheduling Agreement number). This field is considered mandatory for all invoices and the Unilever Material Planner or Procurement Manager will provide this number to you prior to delivery of goods or services.

Unilever makes payments against valid original invoices. Adherence to Unilever invoice requirements will ensure that invoices are paid in accordance to the negotiated contract terms. For improved customer service and to maintain efficient processing and payment of your invoices, it is essential that suppliers refer to the mandatory legal and company requirements added to each invoice or credit note. Unilever may withhold payment if the seller's invoice is inaccurate, or does not meet Unilever’s invoice requirements, or tax and legal requirements.

Essential Information

Unilever’s Invoice and Credit Note Requirements.

It is of critical importance that we receive valid supporting documentation in order to meet all legal and tax requirements. This will typically be an invoice drawn in accordance with the supplier's country regulations. In issuing that invoice, please ensure the correct Unilever legal entity name, address and tax identification number is used, and that the invoice format and content meets legal and tax requirements.

In certain countries or in the case with specific transactions, additional documentation may be required prior to paying the invoiced amounts, or to obtain foreign exchange approval. If this is the case for your business, we will expect to receive those documents promptly.

Useful Tips: Keep your invoices as simple as possible – the fewer lines there are, the easier it will be to match your invoice to your order and delivery. If you have a multi-line invoice, please quote the line number of the purchase order as this can also make identifying your order and delivery more efficient. If you will be submitting a paper invoice, please ensure use of plain white paper as this will improve the optical character recognition process.

Download the Documentation Requirements (PDF | 22KB)

Invoice Track & Trace

Unilever is pleased to offer an invoice track and trace facility for all suppliers trading in Europe and e-invoicing suppliers in North America.

By simply logging onto the OB10 Portal via Tungsten Network and accessing the dedicated area for Unilever suppliers, you will be able to manage your account details directly, track the progress of your invoice to payment, as well as raise any questions you may have in relation to the progress of your invoice. This service will replace the existing e-mail or telephone based service for managing your queries.
To find out more on how to register:

Europe: Please e-mail

North America: Contact via website directly on Tungsten Network

Other regions will have access to track and trace facilities in the next 2 years.

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