Submitting invoices in Asia, Africa & Latin America

Unilever is actively phasing out the processing of paper invoices across the globe, to take advantage of the benefits that electronic invoicing provides to our business and to you as our supplier. Eventually this will be the only way to submit invoices and receive payments.

If you want to send and check your invoices from anywhere, on your mobile phone or tablet, if you want to reduce the potential for errors in invoice submission, and above all, if you want on-time payment, we strongly recommend that you send us your invoices electronically.

Tradeshift solution

Unilever has partnered with Tradeshift, the e-invoicing solution provider to receive and pay your invoices electronically. Tradeshift is a flexible platform that streamlines the end-to-end procure-to-pay process between you, our valued partner, and us.

Tradeshift enables Unilever to receive, approve and pay invoices without the need to wait for the traditional paper invoice. It offers you complete visibility of your invoice and payment status, which will significantly reduce the time you spend raising queries with our Accounts Payable Service Desk.

Tradeshift makes free e-invoicing quick and easy, so you can focus on what matters most.

NOTE: If you are doing business in UAPL, the Tungsten network is also available to you to submit your invoices. Visit Tungsten network for more information.

For suppliers in the LATAM region: we are currently establishing the process for e-invoicing in this region. Further information will be available soon.

What are the benefits of e-invoicing?

  • Secure, guaranteed electronic delivery of invoices
  • Identify and fix errors upon invoice submission, allowing you to take proactive and timely corrective action
  • Automated confirmation emails upon invoice submission
  • Lower operating cost and elimination of printing and postal cost
  • It is free of charge for Unilever suppliers

How to submit invoices electronically

You must register with our e-invoicing partner, Tradeshift, to start sending invoices electronically.

Visit the Tradeshift portal for more information on registering and getting started with e-invoicing.

There are several ways to upload invoices into Tradeshift:

  • Automated Option: Integrated solution (EDI): If you generate high volumes of invoices, we recommend that you use the TradeShift Integrated Solution. This options allows you to send us a consolidated data file for all your invoices. This is a fully automated process where invoice data is extracted from your billing system and delivered directly to Unilever, without the need for any additional software or hardware. However, you will need to ensure that your invoice file format matches one of the multiple file formats supported by TradeShift. A TradeShift technician will contact you to assist with the system setup.
  • Manual Option: PO Flip: If you send low volumes of invoices, this option allows you to create e-invoices with ease. The systems uses the PO sent from your Unilever buyer to quickly produce an electronic invoice which includes relevant information from the PO automatically while allowing you to update any missing information, if required.
  • Web Interface Option: This option allows approved non-PO suppliers to update and send non-PO invoices to Unilever.

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