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Check the status of your payments

When you enroll to either Tungsten or Tradeshift portal, you will be able to track and trace the invoices you submit to us without having to call the Unilever service desk. These portals provide status of both paper and electronically submitted invoices. If you aren’t already submitting your invoices electronically and if you wish to do so, write to E-Invoicing@unilever.com to get your account enabled.

New update - September 2018

Businessperson checking payment status online

The new way to reach our Accounts Payable service desk to check status of your invoices, payments and to raise any further queries will now only be via Tungsten or Tradeshift Portal. If you haven’t registered to either of the platforms yet, please DO NOT self register. For registration support reach Tradeshift support team at https://unilever-vqp.support.tradeshift.com/requests/new

Or if you are looking for further help with getting access, escalate your query to us at finance.ap.vqpsupport@unilever.com

Please note the change in the way you reach P2P service desk, if you are doing business with us in:

North America          

Email support is no longer available starting 18th December 2018


Email support is no longer available starting 31st August 2018

* Check for Tungsten or Tradeshift self help guides on How to check status and how to extract reports under “Quick access to” section on the page.

Vendor Query Portal

Tungsten Invoice Status Service (also known as Vendor Query Portal) is an online service that gives you full visibility of your invoice processing and payment status, regardless of your invoice submission method.

What are the benefits of Vendor Query Portal?

  • Simple, fast registration
  • Online tracking of invoice payments which means you spend less time on the phone, chasing payments
  • Invoice information available from time of receipt through to final payment
  • Free for Unilever Suppliers
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