Submitting invoices in North America & Europe

Our vendor partners in Europe and North America can now invoice us electronically via Tungsten Network, Tradeshift and Ariba Network (Europe regions only). We strongly recommend that you move away from paper invoicing methods and adopt electronic invoicing, as it gives you better oversight, added visibility and improved control over your invoices. Most importantly, it speeds up the process for getting paid. It offers other benefits including:

  • Online tracking of invoice status and payment
  • Guaranteed delivery of invoices
  • Improved on-time payment, enabled by faster processing
  • Fewer rejected invoices, as you can identify and rectify potential errors on submission of an invoice
  • Confirmation emails that will precisely tell you when the invoice was received

How to submit invoices electronically

You need to first register with at least one of our e-invoicing partners; Tungsten Network, Tradeshift.

If you are an existing supplier already registered to any of the above service providers, please continue to submit your invoices through the registered platform.

If you are a new supplier based in Europe, we recommend you register with Tradeshift.

If you have any questions about platform selection, please contact the e-invoicing team.


Unilever has partnered with Tradeshift, an e-invoicing solution provider, to receive and pay your invoices electronically. Tradeshift is a flexible platform that streamlines the end-to-end procure-to-pay process between you, our valued partner, and us.

Tradeshift enables Unilever to receive, approve and pay invoices without the need to wait for the traditional paper invoices. It offers you complete visibility of your invoice and payment status, which will significantly reduce the time you spend raising queries with our Accounts Payable Service Desk.

Tradeshift makes free e-invoicing quick and easy, so you can focus on what matters most.

Tungsten Network Integrated Solution

If you generate high volumes of invoices, we recommend you use the Tungsten Integrated Solution. The Tungsten e-invoicing solution provides a fully automated process that extracts invoice data from your accounting systems and delivers it directly to Unilever, without the need for any additional software or hardware. It allows you to send us a consolidated data file for all your invoices.

If you usually generate lower invoice volumes, you can choose the Tungsten web-based form. There is no annual license fee for this method.

Please note

Unilever has a ‘No PO, No Pay’ policy, which is designed to ensure that all payments are accurately authorised and recorded. You must ensure you have a valid Purchase Order (PO) number before you submit an invoice for payment, which must be included on the invoice copy.

Effective 1st December 2017, Suppliers will receive payments from Unilever via bank transfers only.

If you are an existing supplier and haven’t yet registered your bank account details with us, please contact your Unilever procurement focal before 30th November 2017 to do so. Bank account details will be mandated for all new contracts effective 1st June 2017.

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