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Our payment policies

No PO no payment

Unilever No PO No Pay Policy is designed to make sure that all expenditure is properly authorised and recorded. The Purchase Order enables efficient and on-time processing of Invoices. If you have not received a valid Purchase Order (PO) or Direct Order (DO), please contact your Unilever buyer.

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(a) Requests for goods or services without purchase orders should not be accepted. You must ensure that you have a valid PO/DO number from the Unilever buyer, before commencing work or delivering the goods

(b) You MUST NOT submit an Invoice until the goods are delivered or services are rendered. Invoices without reference to a purchase order will be rejected.

(c) If you are submitting a credit note, kindly ensure you quote the corresponding invoice number and PO number as reference against which the credit note is being issued. This will enable us to account it appropriately.

Our policy on cheques

UPDATE: from 1st December 2017, Unilever will be replacing cheque payments with bank transfers for all new and existing suppliers in the UASCC Hub - Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Côte d'Ivoire, Trinidad, Tobago, Ghana, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia (this policy excludes government suppliers in these regions). Please get in touch with your Unilever procurement contact to change your details. Other countries will follow soon.

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How does this benefit you?

  • Greater payment transparency
  • Faster payment and added operational efficiency
  • More security and convenience
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