Partner to Win

In February 2011 Unilever launched 'Partner to Win' - an award-winning strategic programme focussed on building relationships with selected key supplier partners in order to achieve mutual growth.

"Strong partnerships with suppliers that share Unilever's sustainable growth ambitions are critical to continuing success. The goal of Partner to Win is to become the customer of choice for those suppliers" said Marc Engel, Chief Supply Chain Officer Unilever.

The cornerstone of Partner to Win partnership is the Joint Business Development Plan (JBDP).

Each JBDP sets out Unilever’s strategic business plans and provides a clear framework of how the two organisations will work together to deliver them over the long term. The plans cover all areas of Procurement including packaging, chemicals, commodities and services.

Partner to Win Supplier Summit

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The global Partner to Win Supplier Summit has become a key event in the Unilever calendar. Strategic supplier partners join Unilever leaders from across the business to discuss how to grow sustainably together in partnership.

The last event was themed ‘United for a Brighter Future’ and more than 500 Supplier partners and Unilever executives came together at London's Wembley Stadium to reflect and celebrate their shared achievements and unveil the future destination of Unilever’s Partner to Win programme.

Partner to Win Awards

The Partner to Win Awards celebrate supplier partners who, over the past 12 months, have made a significant contribution to grow our businesses. We need to ensure our suppliers collaborate, understand and embrace the criteria in the Policy, and move up the continuous improvement ladder. Our ambition is to promote adherence to higher standards in all the industries we operate, in a mutually-beneficial and sustainable way.

The awards recognise the areas of Innovation, Responsible & Sustainable Living, Value, Capacity and Capability Building, as well as Quality & Service. In 2014 the Partner to Win Visionary Award was introduced to recognise one supplier partner who demonstrates pioneering forward-thinking behaviour, strong values and courageous actions to enable growth and innovation.

Dhaval Buch, Chief Procurement Officer, Unilever said: “I congratulate all the Award winners. It is our mission to maintain these fantastic relationships with our Supplier Partners and create mutually beneficial business opportunities. Partner to Win plays a vital role in helping us achieve Unilever’s vision for sustainable growth and this can only be delivered through partnerships.”

Winning Innovation

Novozymes won for working closely with Unilever to deliver enhanced liquid laundry solutions.

Givaudan won for developing a new encapsulation technology for fragrances.

Galaxy won for delivering a breakthrough manufacturing innovation for Unilever.

Winning Sustainability

Symrise: was awarded for an innovative and leading edge Public Private Partnership which will benefit 24,000 people in total.

DHL won for their global support of the continual environmental improvement of activities and services conducted by DHL Supply Chain on behalf of Unilever.

ALPLA / MuCell won this joint award for developing breakthrough packaging technology that uses 15% less plastic.

Winning Joint Value Creation

Clariant won for its collaboration with Unilever, which resulted in standardisation of its global packaging platform. The results meant that it is more cost efficient, and keeps quality and product characteristics the same.

Wilmar has been working in a deep collaboration with Unilever to produce natural fatty alcohols and other oleo-based surfactants to help improve the value proposition for several key High Performance Chemicals.

National Label This award acknowledged National Label’s significant investment and effort to expand its operations to supply Unilever. This enabled the opportunity to supply Dove hair labels globally to Unilever, delivering a single graphic look in all markets.

Winning Capacity and Capability Building

Solvay won for Capacity and Capability Building for Unilever in its purchasing of natural soda ash, which supports a reduction of CO2.

Ball won for investing in global facilities to support Unilever’s growing needs.

Manuchar won for working closely with Unilever to invest in creating capacity in several developing and emerging markets to cater to the growth of Unilever’s Household Care business in a cost effective way.

Winning World Class Service Through Operational Excellence

Sodexo won for taking a leading role in the facility management industry. Unilever and Sodexo have created a strategic partnership making a transformational change in the delivery of services, which is driving value for Unilever globally and supporting mutual growth for both organisations.

Smollan won for launching dedicated field sales teams for Unilever across the world.

Southern Graphic Systems International won for delivering continuously improving service levels while solving technical challenges, and extending service capability to new global locations as the Unilever relationship grows.

Partner to Win Visionary Award

Cargill won for being the first company to sign up to Unilever’s Partner to Win programme. Unilever acknowledged Cargill for delivering substantial results on every one of the Partner to Win key priorities: driving innovation, responsible and sustainable living, quality and service, value and capacity and capability.

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