Unilever Supplier Qualification System

The Unilever Supplier Qualification System (USQS) is for all suppliers of products and services to Unilever. By being invited to register in USQS, suppliers will be assessed against the principles detailed in the Unilever Responsible Sourcing Policy (RSP) (PDF | 8MB). The RSP embodies the way that Unilever seeks to operate and in addition, the standards we expect of our suppliers.

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Unilever only wishes to work with like-minded suppliers.

By going through the USQS process, Unilever will consider supplier practices and policies and seeks assurance that they align with the values of the RSP.

As a multi-national company, our Procurement team purchases from tens of thousands of suppliers worldwide. The Supplier Qualification System helps Unilever to qualify which suppliers we will do business with. USQS forms part of our selection and ongoing business process.

Unilever’s Responsible Sourcing Policy is for all of our suppliers.

The policy contains 12 fundamental principles, which define the way we operate and the way we expect others that interact with Unilever to operate too. Aligning with and incorporating the Fundamental Principles into operations is not an event, but a journey. The policy has a continuous improvement ladder that provides guidelines and tips for three performance levels: Mandatory Requirements, Good and Best Practices.

In USQS, we seek to assure that, as a minimum, our suppliers are working to the mandatory principles of our policy and either have or are willing to develop a policy to demonstrate this.

USQS for Unilever

USQS provides a single Global platform for Unilever to evaluate its supply base.

USQS will help Unilever to:

  • Identify approved suppliers for the products and services they want to buy
  • Better understand the potential risks of buying products or services in all geographies
  • Encourage improvements in supplier standards

The system will streamline the supplier qualification process, enhance our risk management and position us to comply with future changes to regulations and legislation on a global basis.

USQS for our suppliers

Successful registration in USQS enables suppliers to be qualified to work with Unilever, be that a new supplier to the business or an existing supplier who wishes to continue working with Unilever.

USQS allows suppliers to better understand how Unilever wishes to operate. By considering practices against this framework, suppliers can understand their readiness to work with Unilever and the steps required to achieve such standards.

Unilever believe that working to the same principles and values that Unilever details in the RSP will help suppliers to operate in an ethical, fair and legal way that will facilitate good practices across the entire supply chain of our suppliers.

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