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Read a message from Dave Ingram, Chief Procurement Officer, about the importance of Unilever’s supply partners

The role of Procurement today is unique and filled with opportunities to positively impact the world around us. More than ever, we have a responsibility to take our deep understanding of materials, ingredients, the value chain and the supply market and use this to drive Unilever’s purpose of making sustainable living commonplace.

As a business we believe that brands with purpose grow, and we know that achieving this growth will require help from everyone in our value chain. Unilever works with thousands of suppliers in over 190 countries where our products are sold. It’s crucial to us that every single one of these supply partners helps us to create the value, capacity and capability we need to deliver brands and products that consumers love in the most responsible way possible.

Part of growing responsibly is making sure all Unilever’s suppliers work in line with our standards around responsible sourcing, sustainability and human rights. Whether it’s our sustainable palm commitments, targets around plastics or expectations around safe and fair working environments, we rely on the expertise and integrity of our partners to lead our industry to new heights.

Through our strong partnerships, we hope to inspire our suppliers to demonstrate our values of respect, responsibility and pioneering towards our planet and people.

Together, we can realise a vision where sustainable living is commonplace. Are you with us?

Dave Ingram

Chief Procurement Officer

Let's work together

A significant portion of our growth will come from innovation, delivering leading-edge products into the marketplace. We anticipate that around 70% of our innovations are linked to working with our strategic suppliers. That's why we invest in mutually-beneficial relationships with our key suppliers so we can share capabilities and co-innovate for shared growth.

With some of our more strategic suppliers, we nurture open relationships, with our research and development teams working with theirs to jointly pursue new technologies and innovations that will make a difference. Our partners often do business with other companies that operate in the same competitive markets as we do.

That's why we pride ourselves on doing business differently, moving away from traditional forms of buying/selling relationships. Pioneering new ways of doing business so we can partner to win. If you believe you can help us deliver on innovation please contact your Unilever Procurement Manager to discuss opportunities.

Find out more about Innovation in Unilever

The Procurement teams are responsible for the procurement of all goods and services for Unilever.

  • Our products are sold in over 190 countries and, on any given day, 2.5 billion consumers worldwide use them. We own some of the best known and best loved brands, from long-established names like Dove, Sunlight, Knorr and Lipton to new innovations such as Pureit, our unique in-home water purifier.

  • We are passionate about them and proud of the way they help people get more out of life. Unilever’s global procurement team work across 190 countries with thousands of suppliers globally to make this happen. This is a powerful blend that helps us excite and inspire customers and consumers in established and emerging markets in every corner of the globe.

  • Unilever's Procurement teams are committed to delivering business results and have the ambition to draw the full value of the partner web. “The recognized value chain ecosystem that is driving global growth in FMCG”.

  • We align our suppliers and internal teams behind the business priorities of tomorrow, our Partner to Win pillars:

Capacity & Capability, Quality & Service, Innovation, Value and Responsible & Sustainable Living

At the heart of this ambition is Partner Collaboration. Partner to Win is about shaping the next horizon together.

  • A unique opportunity to unlock value for Unilever and its partners

  • A way to strengthen supplier/customer collaboration

  • An enabler to improve overall E2E operational efficiency

  • An opportunity for mutual capability building and sharing

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