2018 Unilever Young Entrepreneurs Awards winners

The most powerful force in the world is an idea. Eight initiatives that are changing the world for the better.

Impact Vision

Abi Ramanan

A business that uses advanced imaging technology to assess food quality in supply chains, reducing waste and boosting yields.

Plastics For Change

Andrew Almack

A social enterprise that leverages mobile technology to create dignified income opportunities for waste pickers while helping brands meet their extended producer responsibility.

Letters to Strangers

Diana Chao

A business seeking to de-stigmatise mental illness and increase access to affordable treatment through the intimate and human power of anonymous letter writing.

GARV Toilets

Mayank Midha

A business using smart technology to give low-income families in rural areas access to clean and well-maintained toilets.


Priya Prakash

A business building India’s largest network of sustainable health-promoting schools with the vision to empower children to adopt healthy habits at a young age.

Eco Soap Bank

Samir Lakhani

A non-profit collecting barely used bars of soap in hotel rooms, recycling them and turning them into new products for the poorest people in developing countries.

Light of Hope Ltd.

Waliullah Bhuiyan

A business that can fit a solar panel-powered classroom into a backpack, bringing education to thousands of Bangladeshi children with no electricity.