Lucky Iron Fish

Gavin Armstrong

Dr Gavin Armstrong is using international sales of a fish-shaped iron ingot to substantially reduce instances of iron deficiency in Cambodia

Conceptos Plasticos

Oscar Mendez Geradino

Oscar Andres Mendez Gerardino recycles plastic and transforms it to high quality, safe, and low-cost housing in Colombia

Kadosh Production Company

Cynthia Ndubuis

Cynthia Ndubuisi helps women cassava farmers improve their livelihoods in Nigeria


Toby Norman

Toby Norman uses software technology to help global researchers, NGOs and governments to accurately link people to their digital records in Bangladesh


Liisa Petrykowska

Liisa Petrykowska developed the world’s first accurate tropical weather forecasting model to help smallholder farmers in West Africa

Uncommon Cacao

Emily Stone

Emily Stone works directly with cacao farmers in Guatemala to deliver premium quality and transparently sourced cacao

The time is now for young entrepreneurs to stand up and develop a business that can genuinely make a big difference.

Paul Polman