Every Lifebuoy teaches kids hygiene habits

The humble bar of soap, an unsung handwashing hero, can help limit the spread of deadly diseases. By scrubbing with Lifebuoy, you’re helping the Lifebuoy Programme teach the importance of good hygiene habits to millions of young lives globally.

Helping kids scrub up on good hygiene habits

Good hygiene habits are all about education, education, education! The Lifebuoy programmes focus on creating long-lasting hygiene behaviour changes by teaching the importance of hand washing with soap at the right moments. Through this, kids learn how good habits can help dramatically limit the spread of preventable illness and help stop them from falling sick and missing school.

washing hands with lifebuoy

Since 2010, the programme has reached an incredible 458 million people globally

Hygiene habits are hardly top of a kid’s list of ‘fun’ topics. So, we deliver our hand washing message in more entertaining ways. The Lifebuoy School of 5 Programme brings hand washing to life through comic books that are fun, relatable and easy to remember.

We also work with innovative partners and NGOs across the globe, like Oxfam, Sightsavers, and the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, to ensure there’s a real, tangible drive behind our behaviour change mission. On top of that, our young hygiene ambassadors in Indonesia (named “the Little Doctors”) work in partnership with the Indonesian government to teach local communities the importance of hand washing with soap. So far, we’ve reached over a 100 million people, and together we can reach even more!

458 million people taught good handwashing habits

By scrubbing with Lifebuoy, you’re helping to spread good hygiene habits to millions more

The importance of good hygiene habits can’t be overstated—that little bar of soap, used at the right time, is all it takes to save millions of young lives. We’ve already brought that vital hygiene message to 458 million people, and with your help we plan to reach millions more.

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