Every Love Beauty & Planet Shampoo uses 100% recycled bottles

Love Beauty & Planet wants to do more than just make you look and feel beautiful; we also give a little love to the planet. So, by beautifying yourself with one of our products, you’re also helping us commit to always using 100% recycled bottles for our shampoos and ethically sourced fragrance ingredients.

We love beauty, and we love the planet (it’s in the name!)

We live in a beautiful world, and frankly, we’d like to keep it that way! Plastic waste filling up the ocean and spoiling our forests goes against everything we stand for. That’s why Love Beauty & Planet is about more than just creating products that help you look your best. From ethically sourced fragrance ingredients and recycled material for our shampoo bottles to fast rinse conditioner technology—we’re all about a little love for you and a little love for the planet.

Love beauty and planet products

Committed to ethically sourced fragrance ingredients and 100% recycled bottles for our shampoos

Whether it’s coconut oil from the “Tree of Life” in the Philippines, or murumuru butter from the Amazon basin, we ethically source fragrance ingredients that go into our fabulous formulas. More than that though, we also make sure those indulgent, fragrant shampoo formulas are packaged in bottles that use 100% recycled plastic.

Together, we can keep the planet beautiful for generations to come

Though we’re always striving towards making the planet a little more beautiful through our products, we know there’s still a lot of work ahead to ensure we’re as sustainable and planet friendly as possible.

For example, our packaging may be recyclable, but we’re still figuring out how to get our pumps and caps there. And while we always encourage you to give a little more love to the planet by doing your small acts, we’re also determined to reduce consumer carbon emissions by creating new technologies and formats beyond our fast rinse conditioners.

But for now, just keep getting yourself looking amazing with our products, and we’ll keep working towards a cleaner, greener more beautiful planet.

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