Every Pepsodent teaches kids dental hygiene

Here’s something to put a smile on your face—every time you clean your teeth with Pepsodent, you’re helping bring good brushing habits to millions of Indonesian students. That’s because, working together with the FDI – the largest dental association globally – we’re helping fund oral hygiene education.

Since 1994, the Pepsodent School Programme has brought good brushing habits to 14 million Indonesian students

At least 3 in 5 Indonesian children have some kind of dental issue, but the Pepsodent School Programme is working to fix that. By championing the importance of good dental hygiene, like how by simply brushing twice daily with fluoride toothpaste kids can reduce tooth decay by up to 50%, it’s giving kids something to smile about. It also offers free dental check-ups and community schemes that reach more than 2 million people annually.

14 Million Indonesian students taught good brushing habits

The Pepsodent Dental Expert Centre in Indonesia helps 25,000 people per year

Adults are just as susceptible as kids to a spot of toothache and pain from time to time. So, in 2013 we partnered with the Indonesian Dentist Association to create the Pepsodent Dental Expert Centre, Indonesia’s first and only completely free oral health edutainment centre. It’s a place where experienced dentists and dental health educators can keep the public’s teeth looking fantastic all year long.

Since opening, the centre has had around 25,000 individual visitors per year, with 117 visits from elementary schools and universities, and leads a dental study club featuring 300 dentists from 30 cities across Indonesia. Also, by using Pepsodent you help keep the centre completely free to use!

Together, we can help keep millions of kids smiling

Though we’ve done a lot of good work together so far to fight tooth decay and bad oral hygiene habits across Indonesia, there’s still a lot to do! By working together, we can help make Indonesia a country known round the world for its beaming smiles.

We think that’s worth grinning about. Join us in the fight against tooth decay!

Pepsodent and white teeth

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