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Blue Band and Rama products, from margarine spreads and cooking fats to cream alternatives and cheese spreads, have been a daily source of essential nutrients for families all over the world for decades.

Made from high quality vegetable oils, Blue Band/Rama contains essential fats and vital vitamins A, D and E.

International nutrition guidelines from the World Health Organization recognise the fact that people should minimise saturated fats and consume sufficient so-called ‘good fats’ – such as the Omega-3, Omega-6 and polyunsaturates found in margarine.

Experts also agree that for growing children, spreading soft margarine on bread is much better than spreading butter – which is high in saturated fat – and better than not spreading anything at all. Eating a nutritious breakfast in the morning with the right amount and the right kind of nutrients has been proven to enhance children’s ability to concentrate at school.

Reaching families around the world

Our major brand names around the world are Blue Band, Bonella, County Crock, Doriana, Dorina, Imperial, La Perfecta, Maizena, Milda, Mirasol, Planta, Planta Fin, Primavera, Rama, Sana, Stork, Tulipan and Vitam – and millions of people in over 65 countries choose our products.

As a global business, we also recognise the importance of making Blue Band and Rama products within the reach of lower-income consumers. In Africa, we have developed an affordable single-sachet of our nutritious Blue Band spread, that keeps the product fresh, even in a hot climate.

Our spreads are also available at different fat levels to suit diets and tastes. And the Rama/Blue Band range includes a variety of unique cooking products, from liquid margarines to vegetable-based creams.

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