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Join the Innovation Challenge: Local Restaurants

We’re on a mission to make our much-loved ice cream brands, such as Wall’s, Ben & Jerry’s and Magnum, a must-have dessert option at local and independent restaurants across Europe. We’re looking for innovative ideas of how to list our ice cream range at scale online with local restaurant partners who offer meals like pizza, burgers and fried chicken. How do we make sure our products get featured and fancied?

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We’re seeking innovative minds to help us find a solution to recruit and engage new local restaurants at scale. From pizza and burger joints to fried chicken outlets, we want to make sure our ice creams find a sweet spot on their menus.

Our mission

We’re on a mission to recruit and engage new restaurants in selling our mouth-watering ice creams (Wall’s, Ben & Jerry’s and Magnum). We want to bring the deliciousness of Unilever ice creams to even more restaurants.

While our sales representatives have been great at building relationships, we’ve realised there are still lots of restaurants out there craving our products and missing out on the opportunity to indulge their consumers with our ice creams. We need your creative ideas to reach more restaurants and make Unilever ice creams an irresistible addition to their menus. Whether it’s through innovative partnerships, digital solutions or out-of-the-box strategies. Imagine a world where every restaurant offers a tempting selection of our ice creams, creating unforgettable dining experiences.

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More about the challenge​

With so many restaurants craving our tasty treats, the challenge is to find out how to reach and engage them.

That’s also where our collaboration with food aggregators comes in. They work their magic, using data analysis to find the perfect restaurants for our ice creams. They send emails and newsletters to restaurant owners, inviting them to join our ice cream revolution. And when they say yes, we swing into action, delivering our ice creams straight to their door and updating their menus to showcase our irresistible flavours.

But here’s the scoop: engaging all these restaurants can be a challenge without that personal touch. We want to show restaurant owners the amazing benefits of selling ice cream online, like an expanded menu, increased order value and a sprinkle of extra delight for their consumers. Are you ready to take on this challenge?

2 pizzas together with Ben & Jerry s Pint

Some things to consider

  • Focus on independent/local restaurants with up to ten stores listed on food delivery apps.
  • Inspiration: We’re looking for a marketing plan to recruit and engage new restaurants to list ice cream on their online ordering page.
  • Leverage our brands: How can we leverage the power of iconic brands like Wall’s, Ben & Jerry’s and Magnum?
  • Leverage our partners: How can we leverage our partners (like food delivery apps) to help us recruit and engage new restaurants to sell ice cream?
  • The support we give to restaurants: We help thousands of restaurants to boost their sales by offering branding power, merchandising, equipment support (like ice cream freezers) and menu optimisation.
  • Online-ordering first: Consider a solution which works for the world of online food ordering. How can restaurants understand the potential of online selling and make ice cream an element on the menu?

If you need more details or have any questions about the innovation challenge, please reach out to

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