Let’s cook up something great

Whether you’re wearing a lab coat or chef hat, at Hive we’re all mixing creative ideas, world-class technologies and new recipes. Everyone is welcome to join us.

So what is co-creation?

Co-creation boils down to one thing: we’re on a journey together to grow food that’s future-proof, nourishing for everyone and healthy for the planet.

And we’re truly open. Hive’s compact design means your co-creators will all be close to hand for when you need them. From co-working stations to demo kitchens and labs, we’re all connected at Hive.

Joined-up thinking

Hive is where food innovations are born, incubated and scaled. Our interconnected spaces catapult an idea all the way from ideation sessions to speedy prototyping, testing and of course tasting.

Innovation bootcamp

In sprint courses and hackathons, a lean team of Unilever, suppliers, startups and students work under professional coaches to crack an innovation case.

Experience kitchens

Everyone from Hive employees, experts, students, and customers is welcome to sample our fresh food inventions. Just grab a fork and tell us what you think in the concept store.

Pilot plant

This is our mini factory where we concoct all kinds of new foods using rolled up sleeves and the latest technology before bringing them to the world.

Hive connects visionary people and organisations, all united by the mission to make food that’s good for us and for the planet.

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